Real Estate

TCPC Law’S Real Estate Practice Group represents a variety of clients in all aspects of real estate from simple loan transactions to complex default litigation. We focus on satisfying the needs of our clients in the most cost effective manner. Clients rely on TCPC Law to analyze complex issues affecting their real estate interests and provide them with pragmatic resolutions. TCPC Law guides its clients through their legal and regulatory concerns by recommending courses of action to maximize profitability. The Real Estate Practice Group regularly collaborates with the Litigation and Bankruptcy Groups to ensure that our client’s real estate concerns are promptly and thoroughly addressed.


The Real Estate Group represents principals in various transactions, including the purchase and sale of commercial and residential property as well as the securitization and sale of loan portfolios with values in excess of $50 million. TCPC Law has in-depth experience conducting loan sales covering real estate throughout the United States and is known for its expertise in drafting real estate documents that conform to a municipality’s specific requirements.


TCPC Law also represents property owners in landlord/tenant matters, including holdover and non-payment eviction proceedings. TCPC Law has experience in navigating the delay tactics often employed by tenants and occupants, which often can prevent owners from realizing the full potential of an investment.

Tax Grievances

TCPC Law also represents mortgagees and property owners in tax grievance proceedings. We recognize that due to the increased timeframe required to prosecute a foreclosure action, as well as the potential decrease in property value, many of our clients are paying more than their fair share of taxes.

Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation

TCPC Law has extensive experience representing lenders in commercial and residential mortgage foreclosure actions throughout New York State. We focus on reducing costs and delays associated with non-performing loans and recognize the significance of prosecuting a foreclosure action diligently and expeditiously from commencement of the proceeding through conveyance of title. TCPC Law also represents tax lien holders in the enforcement and foreclosure of tax liens on commercial and residential property. Although we are aggressive litigators, the firm is committed to loss mitigation alternatives whenever possible because we know the legal, financial and reputational risks borne by our clients and that accomplishing a loss mitigation solution may be the most cost effective process for all parties.