Who We Are

Our primary focus is the legal representation of the business and finance community.  We strive to provide the highest level of legal representation in a cost-effective and efficient manner, keeping in mind the goals of the client and the financial impact of legal intervention on any transaction.  TCPC Law is devoted to providing attentive and competent services, while remaining cognizant of the cost/benefit impact of legal proceedings to our clients’ business.

The attorney/client relationship at TCPC Law begins with an initial consultation to understand each client’s specific needs and goals.   Our attorneys then fashion the most direct and realistic strategy to accomplish each client’s expectations in the most expeditious and straightforward manner.

TCPC Law offers solutions to legal problems through any means necessary, including:

  • educating clients of their legal rights and obligations,
  • drafting contracts and agreements,
  • negotiating business deals and settlements,
  • discovery and investigation,
  • legal research,
  • mediation, arbitration, trial, and appellate practice.


The aim is to always reach the client’s objectives in the most direct and financially advantaged fashion.

Business leaders and individual clients are people, not just case numbers. Our team works on each client’s case with the needs of the people behind it in mind.

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Our Philosophy

At Terenzi & Confusione, P.C. we use the tools of logic and reason to analyze each client’s unique requirement.

We offer experience, understanding of the law, provide critical thinking, close reading, clear writing, and logical analysis.

We use this specific and direct approach for the benefit of our clients.


Practical observation of facts or events.


The state of keeping or being kept secret or private.


Unique, anticipated outcomes.


Professional expert solution based collaboration.